4 July 2020

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Eph 6 : 10-13

PRAY: Remember the Bible Society in Turkey in prayer today. The Society is promoting the Bible via a series of adverts in popular Turkish newspapers and across social media. Pray that God will bless the people who respond to the adverts — often prisoners who want a Bible but have no means to purchase their own copy.

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Drawing closer to God in China

7th May 2020

A new way of living As we all know by now, the city of Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei became the epicentre of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak back in January. Since then, life in China has […]

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An Easter message from our Chief Executive

9th April 2020

Peace be with you From the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the day he rose from the dead his life and the life of his followers were turned upside down. We call it Holy […]

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Found in translation – an update from UBS

1st April 2020

The Gospel spreading to the ends of the earth Last year marked a five year high for the number of Bible translations launched by the United Bible Societies Fellowship: 90 languages used by 617 million people! 50 of […]

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The Bible a shining light in a dark time for Zimbabwe

18th February 2020

Despite severe economic, social and environmental issues facing Zimbabwe, the Bible Society is continuing to fulfil its mission to provide the life-transforming Word of God to people who need it. However, it is not without its challenges. “Yes, […]

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Bible 2020 Updates

Watch and listen to friends and family with Bible 2020 Groups

Bible 2020 has just released an update which includes a very exciting new feature – Groups! Groups is an ideal way to help connect friends and family around the Bible in a world of social isolation.

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God’s Word spoken out amongst friends

This article is written by Fiona Stewart. Fiona works as the Creative Director of Foolproof Creative Arts. She is a writer, director and radio contributor, and is the host of The Outspoken Bible, a podcast brought to you […]

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Bible 2020 – The stats so far…

The dawn of a global Bible movement The Bible 2020 app has been downloaded over 14,500 times, with over 4,000 registered users. The app has now been downloaded in 110 countries around the world, with the UK, New […]

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The dawn of Bible 2020…

Okitu Beach, Gisborne, NZ. January 1st 2020 The beginning As dawn broke on the first day of 2020, there was something mystical about watching the sun emerge across the sea, slowly rising, bright and vibrant in its mission […]

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