6 December 2019

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READ: Luke 21 : 5-28

PRAY: Scriptures for School Children is an initiative of the Haitian Bible Society whose aim is to provide 100,000 New Testaments for children in education in Haiti. Pray that young people will be willing to receive the Testaments and discover the message of hope contained within.

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The Light at Sunset Project in Chile

14th November 2019

God’s Word transforming elderly lives in Chile Reading the Bible alone can sometimes be hard. The distractions, the complicated language, it can mean that we struggle to properly connect with God when reading on our own. The Bible […]

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Malawi’s Ellomwe speakers welcome first full Bible

29th October 2019

A Cause for Celebration On 10th August, hundreds of people danced and sang their way through Chiringa, a small market town in south east Malawi, to celebrate the launch of the first full Bible in the Ellomwe language. […]

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Bibles for soldiers on the frontline in Ukraine

23rd September 2019

We have supported the Ukrainian Bible Society both in a Bible distribution appeal in 2016 and in our Bible-a-month projects. Read on for an update on how God is at work in war-torn Ukraine. Bible mission on the […]

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Transforming lives through Bible-based literacy

13th August 2019

The ability to read and write is one that we may take for granted in this country. As children we are fortunate enough to receive a free education and are given opportunities for work as we grow into […]

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The Bible’s oral tradition revived with a smartphone app

The Spoken Word I can sometimes forget that when I’m reading the Bible, what I’m looking at is a translation. Not just from the original Hebrew and Greek, but from the way it was originally communicated. The historical […]

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The Christmas Gospel – the story of Jesus wrapped up

Christmas – has it lost it’s meaning? When I was a child the autumn nights ‘drew in’, the clocks changed, the local Brownies had a Halloween party and the Scouts did a firework display. Sometime after that, and […]

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Peace be with you this Easter

In the midst of all of life’s uncertainties do you find yourself asking ‘to whom should I listen?’ or ‘who should I believe, who should I trust?’ When we are in uncharted waters we long to find something […]

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Immanuel – God with us.

One of the games that young children play at swimming lessons is ‘Wibble Wobble, wibble, wobble jelly on a plate; Wibble Wobble, wibble, wobble jelly off the plate’. They balance together on a large float that the teacher wobbles […]

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